Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante

Host Job Description


As a Host, you are the first and last human connection that a guest makes with Brick. You are here to make guests feel excited to be dining in our restaurant and you will be able to do this with your great smile, shining personality and organizational competence. Follow all standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure First Class Guest Service.

General Host Responsibilities

● Follow Brick Guest Service Methodology

● Follow all Guest Service Steps marked out in SOP

● Cheerfully and genuinely greet guests coming in

● Take guests to seat with menus while being aware of any special accommodations

● Monitor sections for empty and clean tables

● Maintain communication between other hosts and servers

● Knowledge of servers and their strengths

● Table rotation and making sections

● Answering phone calls in a cheerful and informed voice, confidence is key

● Take to go orders accurately while ensuring menu knowledge

● Sell gift cards

● Assist guest in locating waiting area and direct to bars.

● Take reservation requests per standard operating procedure

● Give instruction to set up tables and sections for large parties/reservations

● Maintain Restroom Cleanliness

● Thank every guest as they leave and solicit feedback on service

Greeter Role Responsibilities

● Greet each guest with a warm and high energy smile and within 3 seconds

● Remain in the greeter position at ALL TIMES ( DO NOT LEAVE)

● Ask how many people are in their party (if you see children make sure to ask if they need a

highchair or booster seats)

● If we have a wait time add guests to the waitlist and give them an estimated wait time

● Tell the guest where they can wait during this time (one of two full service bars, chairs behind host

stand, outside within the property)

● Thank every guest and offer meaningful goodbye as they leave and solicit feedback on service

Coordinator Role Responsibilities

*If you are the only host scheduled you will be responsible for these responsibilities but also the greeter and runner responsibilities.

* If there are two host the coordinator will be responsible for the coordinator and greeter responsibilities.

● Manage the waitlist which include: buzzing guests when it is there time, determine wait time for the greeter for the first and second floor

● Assign seating for each guest

● Rotate seating within the server sections

● Does not answer the phone unless you are the only host/hostess on duty

● Write down the table number, how many in party, and their server on the table card

● Be respectful and polite when delegating tasks to team members.

Host Assistant Role Responsibilities

● Lead the guests to their table

● Answer the phone

● Take to go orders

● Assist in cleaning off tables When instructed.

*Management will check in if they need a specific task done. Team work!


● Flexible Schedule/Ability to work 6+ hour shifts on your feet

● Great time management skills

● Friendly and Energetic Personality

● Multi-tasking abilities

● Excellent communication skills

● Ability to work in a small/large team