Who Are We

An entertainment corporation, ROC Ventures manages a collection of brands in the sports, entertainment, and real estate sectors. Included at the top of this list is The Umbrella Bar. Featuring a tent-like umbrella structure with an open-air atmosphere and a spectacular 360-degree view of The Rock Sports Complex and has something for everyone: outdoor seating with a fireplace, drinks, bag toss games, and your choice of shade or sunshine.

ROC Ventures (“ROC”) is committed to our mission of providing a ‘return on community’ through the successful operation of our product offerings where we live, work, and play.

Position Objective

This position requires a consistently fair security host to regulate patrons' access to the establishment. You will be required to review prospective clients' identification documents, deduce their legal capacity, and direct suitable visitors to our offerings. You should also preserve orderliness within the crowd.

To ensure success as a Security Host, you must promote patrons' safety while remaining unobtrusive.


  • Act as brand ambassadors who are helpful hosts.
  • Uphold, support, and promote the company’s core values.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of and enforce company policies and procedures.
  • Learn and apply general crime prevention techniques.
  • Patrol, secure, and observe areas to ensure Guest and Employee Safety.
  • Recognize and de-escalate altercations.
  • Prevent the over consumption of alcohol.
  • Control crowds both large and small.
  • Validate the authenticity of identification for proof of age.
  • Respond to emergencies of all types.
  • Remain calm in high-pressure situations.
  • Apply any known basic knowledge of First Aid, CPR, and other emergency procedures, when appropriate.
  • Report, document, and generate detailed and professional reports.
  • Reviewing mental fitness and outward appearances to gauge prospective clients' eligibility.
  • Furnishing clients with wrist stamps, bands, or ticket stubs to denote their rightful admission.
  • Steering clients to accessible amenities.
  • Maintaining orderliness and etiquette in all applicable vicinities.
  • Escorting rowdy clients off premises.
  • Reporting pressing security-related matters to local authorities and your line Manager.
  • Maintaining a fun, safe atmosphere for patrons.

Desired Qualities

  • High school diploma.
  • Formal civilian-related security training is favored.
  • Proven experience as a Bouncer or similar.
  • Refined crowd management and problem-solving abilities.
  • Unrivaled observational and conflict management skills.
  • Capacity to be stern, as required.
  • Excellent command of English and additional skills, like guest service and interpersonal are essentials.
  • Physically agile with impeccable reflexes.
  • Ability to quickly recognize or anticipate problem areas and quickly develop solutions.
  • Excellent problem-solving and customer service skills.
  • Ability to diffuse tense situations and resolve conflicts.
  • Ability to walk, stand, and occasionally carry heavy items in a fast-paced, stressful environment.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.